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PERMAH Wellbeing Tool With PartnerShift Network

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Your Wellbeing & Resilience Consultants

Samantha Jones

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Our team is proud to partner with our trusted friends at PartnerShift Network to offer your business access to our world leading wellbeing resilience and planning tool. Our cost-effective tool measures your employees’ wellbeing and creates actionable personalised plans to help them feel better at work – immediately!

The team at PartnerShift Network have created a simple 3 step strategy package to support your employee’s wellbeing at a personal level, team level and organisational level saving business leaders’ time, energy and money to focus on delivering business results.

If you want to avoid employee burnout and stop talent drain, connect with our valued partners at PartnerShift Network here to find out more.

Collaborators supporting this project

On behalf of The PERMAH Survey team we welcome you to this page and encourage you to be curious about what this offer could achieve for your network with regards to the various levels across your organisation in the mental health & wellbeing management area. 

More specifically you have arrived at this page because someone within your network has assessed the Wellbeing PERMAH Survey & Planner and is advocating or suggesting you consider joining. 

This page explains the benefits for you, your team and your organisation and presents you a special deal that which has been negotiated by your industry Wellbeing & Resilience consultant and is made available to you, your team or organisation.

The Wellbeing PERMAH Survey & Wellbeing Planner is the premier measurement tool.  You can read all about it here – www.permahsurvey.com

The Power of The Wellbeing PERMAH Survey & Planner

Why PERMAH? Why Wellbeing? Why Now?

What you will receive at each level

Join the PERMAH Survey Collaborative - The Benefits

Rather than just existing in isolation if you co-join the collective

  • Once your individual collection period is over at your me or we level the information available can be anonymously collated to provide the State of Wellbeing across your collective. This is enormously powerful and will be shared with you in a 60-minute session led by our Wellbeing Lab specialist to reflect the key findings and message about the state of wellbeing of your eco-system or network.
  • All participating collective members will be aware of those participating. Socialise, discuss, and share insights across your collective with a common purpose, language and goal of understanding and deploying the best and evidence-based interventions across your individual or collective eco-system.
  • As a collective use the quantitative information produced in the Wellbeing Report to use as a basis for collective applications for government, private grant funding, departmental funding or internal allocation of budget for targeted interventions.
  • Get access to the PERMAH Survey & Wellbeing Planner at a significantly discounted price as per below package.
  • Collaborate and co-join like minded people and participants who are equally committed to the wellbeing of themselves, their people and their organisation/community.

Try Before You Decide

We have setup a simple area where you can try the survey and get your own personal Wellbeing Report & Wellbeing Planner in less than 5 minutes.  Simply GO TO:

Sign up (register) if using the first time.  Otherwise, login and start your wellbeing journey.


By co-joining into this collaborative, we shall make the PERMAH Survey & Planner available to you under a ‘collaborator’ license.

Normally you would pay: 

RRP Annual $3,295 USD for a 12 Month License 

Note:  Shorter Licence terms also available (3 Month & 6 Months)



Collaborator Package Offer: 
$2,295 USD for 12 Months 

You Pay: 
$2,295 USD



If you make the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey & Planner available for
12 Months to 100 staff members

keeping in mind there is no limit to the number of employees who can access it, that works out to be

$32.95 USD per employee PER YEAR


$0.09 USD per day!
Or from a different perspective it’s the cost of a cup of coffee per month/per employee!
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Next Steps

Thank you - but no thank you for now

Even if you are not interested let us know why we would like to know. 

Yes Please - Let's Roll ... Let's take the first tiny steps together

Wonderful, please complete the form below so we can register your interest and move forward on your PERMAH Wellbeing Survey & Planner set-up.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Just for you regardless...

Finally, and in the meantime, if you are looking for more resources to help you feel good and function well, have a peek at our:  

Wellbeing cheat sheet with evidence-based ideas to help you improve each PERMAH factor. 

How to Move from Functioning to Flourishing

Podcasts with world leading researchers on how to improve wellbeing in work and life. 

Be well and do well,

The Entire Wellbeing PERMAH Survey & Planner Team

Want to connect to discuss? sjones@partnershiftnetwork.com

Share to introduce this initiative with a like minded champion: